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Unique Experiences

Lasting memories should be the takeaway from your travels — and a truly unique experience is a key element of those memories.  We’ll talk to you about your goals and interests for your intended destination. Then the SRD International team will tap into our vast global resources to create bespoke opportunities that enhance your journey.


Helicopter into an exclusive vineyard for a wine tasting and paired luncheon.  Tour the tombs in Egypt with a world-renowned expert who has complete access to all the historical sites. Sip champagne on the terrace of the Hotel de Paris as the cars speed by you at the Monaco Grand Prix.  Enjoy a dinner prepared by a Michelin-starred chef while suspended 50 feet in the air. Go ahead and dream it…our creative touch will not disappoint!

Eiffel Tower Paris
Eiffel Tower Paris

Special Events

Planning a trip around a special event can be a wonderful way to determine your next destination. From social events like the Met Gala to popular sporting events like Wimbledon and the Monaco grand prix, we can book special event tickets and plan a fabulous trip around the experience.

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Bucket List

What's on your bucket list of places to travel and things to do? Visiting the pyramids in egypt, Walking The great wall of china, attending Paleo di Siena in italy, or sailing the Greek islands, to name only a few memorable lifetime experiences. 

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Camel and Pyramids
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